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Tap into the power of revenue and yield management in the food and beverage industry through our innovative course on Restaurant Revenue Management. While RM principles have found success in hotels and airlines, the specific intricacies and distinctions of food and beverage outlets have been frequently disregarded. It is high time we bridge this gap and cater to the long-standing demand within the industry.
This comprehensive short-micro credential is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively optimise restaurant revenue and profit.
Whether you’re just getting started or seeking to enhance your current operations, this course will provide you with valuable insights and the confidence to make significant improvements.
One of the highlights of this course is our innovative approach to the RevPASH metric, where we’ll show you how to flip it to make it more analytically useful.
This game-changing perspective will revolutionise your understanding and application of revenue management in the restaurant industry.
Key Learning Outcomes:
1. Gain an overview and introduction to restaurant revenue management.
2. Understand the nuances and differences between traditional RM business models and food and beverage outlets.
3. Discover strategic levers that can be leveraged to optimize revenue in restaurant operations.
Overcome challenges associated with the application of revenue management in food and beverage establishments.
4. Master key measurement metrics and learn important analytical approaches specific to the industry.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of restaurant revenue management.
Enroll today and start your journey towards maximising revenue and profit successfully in the food and beverage industry!
Includes 12-month access to the ARMA membership portal of resources.
Australian Revenue Management Association
Become ARMA certified today.
Volume of Learning: Approximately 150-minutes

Become ARMA certified today.



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